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Sometimes you need a reliable address where you can be sure you'll receive all of your mail and package deliveries. You need an address that offers privacy, security and convenience. That's where we can help. We offer Suite address (not simply a P.O. Box). Our mailing addresses offered are as under:

Suite 567
268 Lakeshore Road East,
Mississauga L5G1H1, Ontario
Business World offers private mailbox services with distinct advantages over renting a regular post office box.

With a Business World private mailbox you can receive mail carried by the Post Office, UPS packages, overnight letters, CODs and registered mail. Someone will always be there to accept and sign for your package deliveries so you won't have to stand in long lines at the Post Office anymore. We can even hold your mail or forward it to wherever you are--a great service for traveling professionals. If you're out of town for an extended trip, we'll cover the bases by holding your mail or forwarding it to you. You can also avoid needless trips to check your mailbox. Simply call in to see if any mail you're looking for has arrived.
  • Receive letters and parcels from national Canada Post and courier companies such as FedEx, U.P.S., TNT and D.H.L.
  • Have your mail redirected (letters & parcels up to 50 pounds) anywhere in the world, according to the frequency you choose.
  • Get peace of mind from our total security & confidentiality guarantee.
  • Get your mailing address within 24 hours!


Big or Small, We Ship It All.
You can depend on your Business World to handle the details, from custom packaging to arranging for delivery. After all, that's our business. So if you have something that needs to get somewhere else, trust the experts to get it there. Trust BW

You'd be surprised at the wide variety of items we can ship. We'll box it, wrap it, cushion it or create a custom crate, if that's what's needed. Then we'll use the right carrier to transport your package so it arrives where you want it, when you want it there. We can even arrange for actual cash value protection.

We Ship UPS
UPS shipping has never been easier. Just bring your package to the nearest Business World, and trust us and UPS to take it from there.

Many Ways to Ship
We can help send your package in the best way, whether that's overnight, in two days, three days, ground, or freight. Let us help you get your packages where they need to be. At Business World, we offer many ways to ship your packages.

Bulk Mail

Mail Services and Document Assembly

  • mailing list maintenance
  • mail merges
  • labels for mailouts
  • mail preparation including assembly
  • folding, stuffing
No matter where you live, we will provide you with your own private mailing address in Mississauga. We automatically forward your mail to you anywhere in the world. Your true identify and location will remain completely private and confidential, guaranteed.

We can help with everything from letters and memos to reports, journals or complete procedure manuals. We are fully conversant with all Windows packages and can supply a professionally finished document on plain paper or your own letterhead.

Leave the choice of fonts and layout to us or specify a range of special features, including graphics and desktop publishing options. We can accommodate special layouts such as columns, tables, or charts and a range of styles and colours.

Mailshot Letters, Labels, Bulk Fax & E-Mails
Bulk Mailshot: Send a mailing to existing or potential customers. We can provide the letter, (individually addressed if necessary or with labels) and stuff envelopes. You may wish to process the envelopes via your own franking system to ensure that your company name is printed on the envelopes or alternatively let us handle everything.
Bulk Fax & Email: Similar service to above available

From start to finish, BUSINESS WORLD can do it all. You supply the mailing list, and we'll do the rest. Whether it's a product we design for you or a document to be copied and mailed, we'll address your envelopes, fold, stuff, address and deliver your product to the Post Office. Most orders can be handled in 24 to 48 hours, but please contact us if you have special needs.

A lot of companies offering mass mailing services charge by the action: one fee for addressing envelopes, one for folding, one for stuffing, etc. We like to keep it simple: $35 an hour, plus postage and supplies. Contact us with the details of your job if you'd like a quote based on the size of your project.

SPAM / JUNK: Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the list(s) you supply are legal. We all dislike junk mail and spam email and our service is not available to anyone wishing to misuse the system

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