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Corporate Services


Downsizing employees unfortunately has become a necessity in today’s business world and is not an easy endeavor under any circumstance. The experience can be distressing for management and especially staff members, particularly long-term employees. The majority of downsized employees may experience disbelief, shock, confusion and anger and will not be prepared to launch a successful job search. To avert negative publicity and bitter feelings by employees, many companies are eager to provide displaced employees with Resume Development and Job Search Assistance.

As a Professional Resume Writer & Employment Interview Professional and Job and Career Transition Coach, we stand ready to assist your company and its displaced employees during the critical transition period. Losing a job is one of three traumatic events in a person’s life (death and divorce are the other two). Company executives realize the value of assisting displaced employees with resume development and job search assistance. We can assist your company regardless of the number of displaced employees. Here are a few services we offer:

  • > Development of Resumes, Cover Letters, ASCII Resumes, Keyword Resumes
  • > Creation of Reference Pages and Salary Histories
  • > Career Coaching, Job Search Strategy Sessions, Interview Coaching, Salary Negotiation Sessions, E-Mail Resume Campaigns, Internet Resume Distribution and Direct Mail Campaigns

Relocation can be a difficult decision for families, especially when both spouses are employed. By offering resume and career services to the candidate’s spouse, you can help ensure that the candidate will be more inclined to accept your offer. After all, why should you lose a highly valuable candidate? You decide which services you would like to offer to the family. Here are a few suggestions:

  • > Development of Resume, Cover Letter, ASCII Resume, Keyword Resume
  • > Creation of Reference Pages and Salary History
  • > Career Coaching, Job Search Strategy Sessions, Networking Sessions, Interview Coaching, Salary Negotiation Sessions, Defining Motivational and Burn-Out Skills, E-mail Resume Campaigns, Internet Resume Distribution and Direct Mail Campaigns

More and more businesses are utilizing Business Resumes to market their company and its key executives. Many start-up, high-growth and even mature corporations are required to submit Business Resumes for various reasons. Companies need to submit their Business Resume to venture capitalists and financial institutions, for example. It’s a smart business strategy and can move you ahead of your competition during an aggressive marketing campaign!


Board of Director members and high-level executives are often required to submit their profiles. Don’t be caught without one!


As an experienced management consultant, we have successfully prepared numerous tender documents, reports, brochures, training programs, business plans, proposals and all manner of other business documents. we begin this service with a detailed assessment of your requirements and work in a collaborative way to deliver to your expectations

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