Using Windows Access, we can help you keep track of clients by setting up and managing a database, with regular data entry and print-outs as required.We also offer services for large databases in SQL and Oracle.

Writing4careers can build your spreadsheets and databases, produce charts and reports, and keep them updated. You provide the data, give us an idea of how you want it to look, and we'll do the rest. We use Microsoft Access and Excel XP, and Lotus Approach and 1-2-3. We can produce eye-catching charts and informative reports and deliver them in the format you need. And if you need someone to keep them updated, check out our data entry services.

The cost of spreadsheet and database design averages $35 an hour. Contact us for a quote. Let us keep your databases and templates current. We can input the data directly into your company's computer system if it's set up to allow remote access, or you can provide us with a copy of your existing database or template form. Just fax, e-mail or mail the information that needs to be entered or updated and consider it done. Writing4careers can also build a custom database or template for you. The fee for data entry services averages $30 an hour. However, if you'd got a long-term project, we can provide a custom quote based on the amount and type of data to be entered.

For any enquiry in setting up and managing a database, please call us at (647)748-7770, you can also email us at: