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Editorial Service

These services are available for publishers, literary editors, companies large or small, and individuals. We welcome both non fiction (anything from short articles, technical manuals, journals or books) to fiction (from magazine articles and short stories to novels) and from both new and established authors.


Checking proofs is a tedious but critical task and any mistakes overlooked can be costly to correct at the page proof stage. Modern computer spellcheckers are useful but have their limitations. They are based on US English and are unable to distinguish the correct tense or even whether a word is correct (i.e. they would not pick up the difference between here and hear).

We can provide either a straight proof reading service or make corrections to copy on disk or hard copy, or both. We can mark changes on hard copy, change documents electronically, flagging any changes, additions or deletions.

We Can
  • > check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general English errors
  • > check and highlight problems in page layout and markup copy
  • > check against specifications for typesetting
  • > check and query errors or inconsistencies in style and content
  • > check for overall sense and clarity INDEXING - An accurate and comprehen

Depending upon the degree of editing required, we can offer any, or all, of the following:

  • > correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general English usage without changing the original meaning
  • > check for overall clarity, tone and structure
  • > reorganise text or change paragraph order to improve overall clarity and sense
  • > rewrite to improve the flow of text and content
  • > highlight any format, layout, heading or content inconsistencies
  • > check typographical details and ensure consistency
  • > reduce word count to comply with specified length

Please note: we reserve the right to limit the editorial service provided for dissertations, theses and manuscripts to 'straightforward' proofreading if the document contains technical terms or subject matter with which we could not be expected to be automatically familiar.


We can assist with copy for business brochures, information booklets, leaflets, instruction manuals, fact sheets, business plans, reports, proposals, newsletters, press releases, articles and offer a full ghost writing service for books.

If you need to turn your rough draft or handwritten notes into a full manuscript, we can provide a complete writing service to your specifications.

For any enquiry on publishers and literary editors, please call us at (647)748-7770, you can also email us at: support@writing4careers.com