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Accent Training

The course takes what is termed a 'pure-sound' approach to learning standard American pronunciation. To put it simply, this course focuses on learning the 'music' of English as it spoken in the USA/Canada. The stress-timed nature of English is put emphasized with correct intonation, stress and liaison used to develop natural sounding speech patterns. These speech patterns are then combined with specific vowel and consonant patterns in connected speech in exercises which lead to improved, natural American sounding, pronunciation. This course help students determined to learn to speak with a Canadian/American accent.


This course will definitely improve student's pronunciation and includes following:  

1. Text Book
2. Audio CDs
3. Exercises, quiz material and reference material that are used on the audio CDs.



• Introduction to American Intonation

This section helps the student become aware of the music of English as it is spoken in North America. You will  learn about intonation and liaison. 

• Refining your pronunciation

Specific pronunciation problems including various vowel and consonant sounds. 

• Nationalities with particular problems arising

Focus to arise from your own linguistic background (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, Russian, French, German, Korean)

Level Accepted:

All Levels


40 Hours (2 Weeks)
Daily, 2 Hours To Our Instruction, 2 Hours Lab

Price: $2599 + HST

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