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Law School

Most of applicants applying every year to the top Law Schools possess similar GPAs and LSAT scores but very few got admitted to the top schools of their choice. The application process involves much more than mere numbers. When you write the application essays, you should be the highlight of unique and memorable and unique experiences you've had both on the job and in your personal life; that you believe will be beneficial to your peers. Schools also look to gather brilliant individuals with unique backgrounds that can distribute their work experiences among others. This is important due to the fact that Law schools have many project and assignments in group work, so that way every everyone shares their own experiences.

The law schools receive each year many applications and it is unlikely that you will get a personal interview. Thus, the personal statement may be your only chance to highlight your accomplishments, experiences, and potential. Your personal statement must be used to distinguish yourself from other applicants with similar numbers and backgrounds. These days they especially look for individuals who have been involved in the community with some good volunteer experiences.

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