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Microsoft Access 2003 - Level 3

Duration: One Day(10AM to 4PM with One Hour Lunch Break)
                  (Weekdays & Saturday)

Cost: $699 +HST

Class Size: 1-3 Persons,Instructor lead training

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Making Your Data Available on the Web
Create a Data Access Page by Using the Wizard
Improve the Presentation of the Data Access Page
Viewing Data Access Pages with the Browser
Edit Data Using the Data Access Page
Group Records in the Data Access Page

Lesson 2: Developing a Data Access Page in Design View
Create a Data Access Page in Design View
Incorporate a ComboBox in the Data Access Page
Test the New Record Function of the Data Access Page
Develop a PivotTable with the Office PivotTable Tool
Develop a PivotChart

Lesson 3: Integrating Access into Your Business
Import XML Data into an Access Database
Export Access Data to XML Format
Share Data with Other Office Applications

Lesson 4: Automating a Business Process with VBA
Create a Standard Module
Develop Code
Call a Procedure from a Form
Run the Procedure

Lesson 5: Creating a Switchboard and Setting the Startup Options
Create a Database Switchboard
Modify a Database Switchboard
Set the Startup Options
Modify the Startup Options

Lesson 6: Distributing and Securing the Database
Split a Database
Implement Security
Set Passwords
Encode and Decode a Database
Convert an Access Database to an MDE File

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