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Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Level 1, 2 & 3

Duration: One Day(10AM to 4PM with One Hour Lunch Break)
                  (Weekdays & Saturday)

Cost: $1599 +HST

Class Size: 1-3 Persons,Instructor lead training

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Outlook
Explore the Outlook Interface
Send a Simple Message
Reading Messages
Reply to and Forward a Message
Print a Message
Delete a Message
Lesson 2: Composing Messages
Address a Message
Format a Message
Check Spelling and Grammar
Attach a File
Lesson 3: Organizing Messages
Open and Save an Attachment
Flag a Message
Organize Content with Folders
Lesson 4: Managing Contacts
Add a Contact
Sort and Find Contacts
Find the Geographical Location of a Contact
Manage Contacts
Lesson 5: Scheduling Appointments
Explore the Outlook Calendar
Schedule an Appointment
Assign Categories and Edit Appointments
Lesson 6: Scheduling Meetings
Schedule a Meeting
Reply to a Meeting Request
Propose a New Meeting Time
Manage Meetings
Print the Calendar
Lesson 7: Managing Tasks and Notes
Create a Task
Edit and Update a Task
Create a Note
Edit a Note
Display a Note on the Desktop
Lesson 1: Setting Calendar Options
Set Work Days and Times
Display an Additional Time Zone
Set Availability Options
Lesson 2: Customizing Message Options
Modify Message Settings
Modify Delivery Options
Change the Message Format
Notify Others That You will be Out of the Office
Create a Distribution List
Insert a Hyperlink
Lesson 3: Tracking Work Activities Using the Journal
Automatically Record a Journal Entry
Manually Record a Journal Entry
Modify a Journal Entry
Lesson 4: Managing Tasks
Assign a Task
Reply to a Task Request
Send a Task Update
Track Assigned Tasks
Lesson 5: Sharing Folder Information
Specify Folder Permissions
Delegate Access to Folders
Access Another User's Folder
Send Calendar Information in an Email Message
Lesson 6: Customizing the Outlook Environment
Customize the Toolbar
Create a New Toolbar
Customize the Menu Bar
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the To-Do Bar
Create a Folder Home Page
Lesson 7: Locating Outlook Items
Sort Messages Using Multiple Criteria
Find Messages
Find Outlook Items Using Multiple Criteria
Filter Messages
Organize Messages
Manage Junk Email
Lesson 8: Working with Public Folders
Create a Public Folder
Add Users to a Public Folder
Post Information in a Public Folder
Send an Email Message to a Public Folder
Lesson 1: Personalizing Your Email
Apply Stationery and Themes
Create a Custom Theme
Create Signatures
Modify Signatures
Configure Email Message Security Settings

Lesson 2: Organizing Outlook Items
Group Items
Create Search Folders
Apply Conditional Formatting

Lesson 3: Managing Outlook Data Files
Create a Data File
Add Outlook Data Files to a Mail Profile
Change Data File Settings

Lesson 4: Working with Contacts
Forward Contacts
Edit an Electronic Business Card
Export Contacts
Perform a Mail Merge
Link Items to Business Contact Manager

Lesson 5: Saving and Archiving Email
Save Messages in Alternate Formats
Archive Messages
Protect Personal Folders

Lesson 6: Creating a Custom Form
Add Form Fields
Save a Form as a Template
Test a Form

Lesson 7: Working Offline and Remotely
Make Folders Available Offline
Configure RPC Over HTTP
Download Selected Messages
Publish Calendar Information to Office Online

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