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Microsoft Visio 2003 Professional - Level 1 & 2

Duration: Two Day(10AM to 4PM with One Hour Lunch Break)
                  (Weekdays & Saturday)

Cost: $1299 +HST

Class Size: 1-3 Persons,Instructor lead training

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Customizing Visio
Working with Toolbars
Working with Windows

Lesson 2: Using the Drawing Tools
Drawing Basics
Advanced Drawing Techniques

Lesson 3: Custom Shapes
Using Custom Shapes
Using Custom Shapes in a Drawing

Lesson 4: Advanced Stencil Techniques
Custom Stencils
Customizing Stencil Masters
The Document Stencil

Lesson 5: Templates, Styles, and Layers
Working with Templates
Formatting and Linking Shapes

Lesson 6: Sharing Your Work
Object Linking and Embedding
Working with External Data
Creating HTML Documents
Printing Techniques

Lesson 1: An Overview of Visio
Visio Documents
Elements of the Visio Window
Visio Navigation

Lesson 2: Basic Skills: Creating a Directional Map
Using Stencils
Saving Files
Manipulating Shapes
Adding Text
Stacking Order

Lesson 3: Basic Diagram Skills
Enhancing Productivity
Managing Shapes
Applying Styles

Lesson 4: Flowcharts
Connecting Shapes
Page Styles
Cross-functional Flowcharts

Lesson 5: Organization Charts
Creating an Organization Chart
Organization Chart Data Wizard

Lesson 6: Floor Plan
Creating an Office Layout
Drawing Scale

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