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Microsoft Windows Vista - Level 1

Duration: One Day(10AM to 4PM with One Hour Lunch Break)
                  (Weekdays & Saturday)

Cost: $499 +HST

Class Size: 1-3 Persons,Instructor lead training

Course Outline

For any enquiry please call us at (647)271-3330, you can also email us at: support@writing4careers.com
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Personal Computers
Personal Computer Basics
Personal Computer Hardware
Personal Computer Functionality
Lesson 2: Exploring Windows Vista
Log On to Windows Vista
Explore the Desktop
Manipulate Open Windows
Use Help And Support
Turn Off the Personal Computer
Lesson 3: Customizing the Windows Vista Desktop
Customize the Start Menu
Customize the Taskbar
Personalize the Desktop
Set a Screen Saver
Configure the Sidebar
Lesson 4: Using Common Tools and Programs in Vista
Create a Document in WordPad
Format a Document in WordPad
Work with the Calculator
Customize a Graphic with the Paint Tool
Lesson 5: Managing Folders and Files
Navigate Folders with Windows Explorer
Work with Folders and Files
Organize Files and Folders
Search for Folders and Files
Use the Advanced Search Options
Burn Data on Storage Media
Lesson 6: Browsing the Internet
Become Familiar with the Internet
Browse Websites with Internet Explorer 7.0
Download and Install a Gadget

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