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Duration 2 Days(10AM to 4PM)

Cost $1299 +HST

Course Contents

-Getting Started
Introducing QuickBooks
Getting around in QuickBooks
All the accounting you need to know

-Setting up QuickBooks
Creating a QuickBooks company
Choosing a start date
Setting up income and expense accounts
Entering opening balances
Setting up payroll

-Working with Lists
Using QuickBooks lists
Editing the chart of accounts
Working with the Customer:Job list

-Working with bank accounts
Writing a QuickBooks cheque
Entering a handwritten cheque
Transferring money between accounts

-Using other accounts in QuickBooks
Other account types in QuickBooks
Tracking credit card transactions
Working with asset/liability accounts -Entering sales and invoices
Using sales forms in QuickBooks
Memorizing a sale & entering a new service

-Receiving payments and making deposits

Recording customer payments
Making deposits

-Entering and paying bills
Handling bills in QuickBooks
Using QuickBooks for accounts payable
Entering/Paying bills

-Analyzing financial data
Creating QuickReports and preset reports
Memorizing report settings & printing reports
Creating QuickInsight graphs

-Setting up inventory
Entering products into inventory
Ordering products
Receiving inventory
Entering a bill for inventory
Manually adjusting inventory

-Tracking and paying sales taxes
Overview of sales tax in QuickBooks
Setting QuickBooks up to track sales taxes

-Doing payroll with QuickBooks
Turning on payroll
Setting up employee payroll
Creating a payroll cheque
Tracking payroll expenses and liabilities
Remitting payroll liabilities

-Estimating and progress invoicing in QuickBooks Pro
Creating jobs and estimates
Creating an invoice from an estimate
Updating job status

-Tracking time in QuickBooks Pro
Tracking time
Invoicing a customer based on time
Displaying project reports for time tracking
Paying non-employees for time worked

-Customizing forms and writing
QuickBooks Letters
About QuickBooks forms
Customizing an invoice

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