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Examine your current resume critically (after all, that's what an employer or recruitment consultant will do). Or ask someone whose opinion you value to examine it critically. Then, put yourself in your readers' shoes and answer the "20 Questions".
If you don't have a resume, consider these questions anyway and decide whether you would be better off getting help:

  • Does it tell a compelling story clearly?
  • Does it fully express your abilities and potential?
  • Are your achievements expressed in terms of the benefits and value you have added to your employers?
  • Are your achievements clearly corroborated by evidence and examples?
  • Are your key strengths and abilities obvious?
  • Does it encourage the reader to read the rest of it after they've read the first half page?
  • Are your strengths linked to your achievements and accountabilities?
  • Does it explain what you did beyond your job description?
  • Is it well structured and organized according to the readers' needs?
  • Is it visually appealing?
  • Is it interesting to read?
  • Are you confident that it is likely to differentiate you significantly from the rest of the candidates?
  • Is it getting you interviews for jobs you really want and know you can do?
  • Is it getting you interviews in organizations you really want to work?
  • Do you have the time, patience and energy needed to improve it?
  • Do you know what employers or recruitment consultants really want and what they think is important?
  • Are you sufficiently objective to successfully improve it?
  • Do you have the specialized writing skills needed to improve it?
  • If you worked on it yourself, would you be able to significantly improve it?
  • Are you an expert in writing resumes?
We'll leave it to you to decide how many 'NO" or "NOT REALLY" responses indicate that you might need help.

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