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The following testimonials were totally spontaneous.

"Thought you might like to know that I have had great success with the resume you wrote on my behalf. I applied for several jobs and got an interview for every one. I was offered four positions out of 6 interviews and thanks to you Suresh I was able to choose the one that suited the best. I started work two weeks ago at ......... as a ......... and I am very happy. So, once again Suresh, thank you very much for my resume and keep up the good work you do in helping people with their careers. Without your input I wouldn't be where I am today and I believe it was a great investment and truly worth the money."

"Suresh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted off my new personal profile on Tuesday, and got a phone call today requesting an interview, which is on Saturday at 11.00am for the following position..."

"Thanks for your wonderful resume. I’ve had more interviews with your help in the past two weeks than I’ve ever had."

"...sorry about the delay in getting back to you. The upshot is - I'm absolutely delighted with what you did on my CV and have already used it with positive results. (most recently with Bank Of Montreal ). If you ever want to refer a client to me for comment, I'd be more than happy to provide very positive feedback on the value of your work."

"Let me tell you I fell off my seat, and now that I'm back on it I can tell you how impressed I am with your work. I actually am a different person on paper. Thank you!!! "

"Late last year you wrote selection criteria for me for a position with ..... I just thought I'd let you know that I was successful in getting an interview and also getting the job. There were 29 applications and 8 people were interviewed. The panel advised me that my written application scored the highest points."

"I did get the job. I will be a ............... for .............. Magazine from 26 April. You did a terrific job with my resume and I will warmly recommend your services. Thank you very much."

"Wow. Is it me you are referring to in your suggested covering letter? I think it reads wonderfully, and flows very well into the resume - and it makes me sound so damn good!"

"I have been actively giving your details to a number of people. I would be surprised if some haven't already come to you ... What was really interesting about my resume is the type of agency which contacted me. Staffing solutions, Kelly’s; unfortunately KPMG had already made the offer by then. The position with KPMG matched the criteria that I had set for my next career move. There is no doubt in my mind that my resume got me in the door ... Thank you for all your help (and patience). I will be return business to you in the future."

"Firstly, let me say you wrote an impressive letter for my application which scored me an interview. As it turned out, the job was not for me. However, with your guidance I am now more focused and I would like your help again in applying for roles more in line with my aspirations."

"Thank you for a job well done; I am inspired by your cover letter which I think was absolutely superb."

"Once again, I sincerely thank you for your assistance and please accept my praise for your professionalism, skill and people skills. In the short association we have had I have become very impressed."

"I forwarded the application on Tuesday evening; I had a call from the consultant today and have an interview next week."

"I find your services very good value for money and will recommend you to anyone who seeks guidance."

"Many thanks for your sterling effort on my behalf. Your work certainly exceeded my expectations. I was delighted with it. You managed with admirable style and chutzpah to transform my dreary dossier into a pithy pertinent and readable Professional Profile. It’s a pleasure to do business with you!"

"What a wordsmith!! Even I would hire myself with a resume like that. A million thanks for the great profile, I really appreciate it."

"Many thanks for your professional advice and support – both worked! I have been appointed …… I am delighted particularly in light of the competition of 92 applicants for this area alone."

"Thank you for reminding me that ethics still abound."

"I find your services to be of excellent standard. The resume is fabulous. I will certainly get in touch whenever I need your services again."

"Hi Suresh, much to my surprise I was offered the job and have accepted. Thanks again"

"I am referring a woman called Jane to you. I was telling her about what a help you had been to me and she asked for your number. I have a new role at ... ... and I wonder if you would update my resume. I turned down the job at …… You were right. It wasn’t for me. I’ve sent the resume to six executive recruiters and so far three have asked for a meeting. Not bad for a week’s work and I certainly wasn’t able to achieve that last year before I came to you. I even got an interview with TD Bank Prior to this I had been monumentally unsuccessful in all my approaches to them! Thanks again for your time and support."

"You will be pleased to know that I am having an interview for the position next Monday. I was most pleased with the final documents you prepared."

"Thanks for the profile it looks sensational. Even I would hire me after seeing that."

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