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Why Use a Specialist?

To convince them, you need:

  • > A high impact Resume that expresses the value of your achievements, experience and talents in a compelling way
  • > A Cover Letter that concisely and crisply expresses the benefits of inviting you to an interview
  • > A confident, persuasive and lucid interview presentation that optimizes the chances of your success

A specialist with a track record of success in producing interview-winning resumes can significantly increase your chances of making the interview list. A specialist resume writer can invariably do a better job than you. Most people wouldn't dream of doing any serious repairs or maintenance on their car or computer. You delegate to someone who knows what to do. Like properly maintaining or repairing computers and modern cars, producing an interview-winning resume is not something everyone can do. It requires specialized skills and the right kinds of experience.

It's not enough to know what a good resume looks like. It's whether you can produce one yourself. We all know how our car should run when it's running properly and we know what our computer should be doing when it's working properly. But, can you produce the same result yourself? Not surprisingly, most people are not expert at writing about themselves. It’s not what you do every day. But we do.

Most organizations are serious about their image, the message they want others to get and the unique position they want to occupy in the market. So they engage the services of a marketing professional to do what they can’t. We do the same for individuals.

  • > Include and exclude the right information
  • > Express the benefits of your achievements and expertise in the most compelling way
  • > Align your resume with employer expectations and preferences
  • > Position you as a valuable asset
  • > Present your career path and history in the best possible light
  • > Make your resume worth reading
  • > Make your resume easy to understand
  • > Ensure your resume is visually appealing
  • > Structure and organize your experience and accomplishments in the most effective way
  • > Explain how you have implemented valuable new ideas
  • > Maximize the value of limited experience

we give careful thought to the style, approach, tone, language, clarity, detail, information selection, design and formatting that comes from years of experience and ongoing refinement.

For any enquiry please call us at (647)748-7770, you can also email us at: support@writing4careers.com